Articles About Writing

Please feel free to download and enjoy these articles by Susan McCloskey, provided courtesy of the New York State Bar Association Journal. (Note: The free Adobe Reader is required to read these articles; you can get it here.)

The Keys to Clear Writing  Download

Successful revision depends on a writer's alertness to the common obstacles to clarity. What are those obstacles, and what steps can you take to turn clear thoughts into clear words, sentences, and paragraphs? (Nov/Dec 2000. Volume 72, No. 9)

Assess Your Grammatical Acumen  Download

Whether you picked up grammar on the fly or learned it by diagramming sentences under Miss Grundy's watchful instruction, you may be thinking right now that the last thing you want to do is read this essay. Before you act on that thought, however, take the Grammar Quiz. (Sept 2004, Volume 76, No. 7)

Make Your Mark With Punctuation  Download

No matter the form or the era, the purpose of punctuation has always been the same: to aid the reader's task. ( Nov/Dec 2003, Volume 75, No. 9)

Rhetoric Is Part Of the Lawyer's Craft  Download

You use the verbal means at your disposal to make a persuasive case, appeal to your reader's interests, and express your key points vividly. The question for lawyers, then, is not whether to use rhetoric, but how to use it well. (Nov/Dec 2002, Volume 74, No. 9)

So Just What Is Your Style?  Download

Like a tattoo or a string of pearls, the words we choose and the way we arrange them on then page tell our readers a great deal about who we are, how we think, and what we value. (Nov/Dec 2001, Volume 73, No.9)