Writers in law and in business seek private instruction for a range of reasons. They may want to address a writing problem identified in a performance review, prepare for a position that involves new writing responsibilities, or raise their good writing to the next level of excellence. Our one-on-one coaching shortens the distance between the individual writer and his or her goal.

What happens in private coaching?

  • We always begin by speaking with the writer to determine what he or she wants to accomplish through our work together.
  • We then provide an editorial review followed by a face-to-face meeting or a telephone conference.
  • After this review, the writer usually knows how he or she wants to proceed. Some believe that the initial review has been so helpful that only a single follow-up session is needed. Others want a series of sessions so that they can monitor their progress and prevent backsliding into bad habits. Some schedule sessions over a few weeks or months, preferring an intensive program. Others prefer longer intervals between sessions, using the time to assimilate new standards and develop good writing practices.

Some of our clients ask us to set aside a day every month or every quarter to meet at the office with interested writers who have sent us a document to review. Many writers turn this opportunity into a private tutorial by signing up for a meeting whenever we visit the firm.

Private tutorials provide partners and senior executives with a chance to refine their writing skills without having to attend a public program or an in-house seminar.